Football Clubs – The Biggest, The Best and The Worst

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Biggest Football Clubs
For a long time, most major clubs were run by local businessmen who had a passion for the game and were willing to put in the hard yards to make it big. Often, they would also own companies that were related to the sport, ranging from kits to beverages.

Most modern day football clubs are now owned by large, ultra rich foreign owners who are able to spend bucket loads of cash on their new clubs. This has revolutionized the game and made it more lucrative for players in the bargain.

Smartest Football Clubs
In a league that is dominated by the likes of Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea, it’s no surprise that some of the world’s biggest names in the game are being scooped up by the big boys in blue. Fortunately, most of these teams are managed by the best of the breed, which means that their players and management are more than capable of keeping the clubs at the top of the table.

Best Sports Team
There are a number of teams to choose from, but the one that has gotten our vote is the Seattle Sounders FC, which boasts an impressive roster of professional athletes. The team has won numerous trophies, including the 1996 MLS Cup and the Lamar Hunt ommitable.